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Mitch Hansen, Team Owner Factory KTM / HMC Superbike:
"The only changes we made from last year to 2013 was the addition of a Rottweiler Intake System. Now we are competing strong with the other teams and finished in our best spots to date in Daytona. Noticeable power increases everywhere especially on top speeds, where it counts."
KTM Intake Pre Filters
Read Jimmy Lewis' official review on the Rottweiler Intake System as posted on ADV Rider.

I've seen all this stuff in prototype form and the finished stuff looks as sano as expected.

But on another note I've been running a Rottweiler Intake system on my 950 for the last three months since I have had it back together and all I can say is that there isn't much about it that I don't like. Most riders will just gloat over the power increase and I could really care less, I'll get to that later since I wasn't looking for more power.

I was looking for better access to the carbs and easier access to all the other stuff near them. I've been tinkering with some other stuff and was annoyed by the thought of working on the bike much less doing it. After the first time getting to the valve cover, cam chain tensioner or other engine compartment need, I was a fan. It cleans up the area and opens up the work space. Installation was simple and straightforward.

My next concern was how dirty the filter would get. Well after 1000 miles I was still waiting for the filter to get dirty so I could clean it. About then I installed the filter wrap just to investigate how that would help since I run them on a number of bikes and I rarely have to clean the main filter. Covered and uncovered I ran the bike through silt beds and rode in more dust than I usually do in order to test the amount that collected. The filter has such a large surface area you'd really have to be riding in too much dust or splashing silt up over the windscreen to get the filter really dirty or plug it, which I feel would be impossible unless doing something beyond stupid. I'm careful on water crossings but I'm not worried about that. Heavy rain didn't seem to have any effect.

After I got it a little dirty I took it off to clean it. Way easier than standard by about 10-20 screws or so. The Zeus fasteners are easy to get at with the fuse box/tray removed and the filter comes right out. Simple and I was using Rock Oil Water Washable filter oil and it cleaned up and looked like new. Just remember to give yourself time to let it dry since you can't ring the filter out due to the rigid cage. Setting it on the tray properly is important but easy once you do it once or twice.

Noise was my next concern. And you can definitely hear the intake noise compared to stock. Some like it and some don't, I fall in the middle but hate being annoyed. The sound is a good noise and makes the bike feel faster and more aggressive no matter what the actual power increase is. And the intake noise is basically less then wind noise most of the time in reality unless you are right at the 5500 RPM range where it seems to peak and be pretty noisy. Don't like it, a shift in either direction will cure the sound issue. But in passing that RPM you know what your bike is doing and it talks to most of us.

Now onto the power. It gives the bike quite a bit to a lot more at every RPM and at every throttle position. Not many aftermarket products do that. But what it really does is liven up the throttle response and gives the bike a better torque feel, more one-to-one from the wrist to the rear wheel. And in doing that it actually makes the bike more tractable on the bottom end, one of my biggest issues with the standard 950/990 engine. Then it comes on and if you need more power, it gives it but I never fond myself asking for more from this bike in the higher power levels in the first place.

Now I had to bump my main jets up to 175 (both the same now) and readjust the fuel screws to a richer setting from before. Initially I was worried about the fuel mileage going to crap. I had been getting between 30-35 on this bike and not proud of it. I'm running a single FMF Q on the rear and an extra two-gallons where the other muffler used to go because of the range issue. My mileage went up to 37 MPG at its worst and was closer to 40 most of the time. It feels like the bike pulls a gear higher most of the time and I do not have to downshift as much when getting back on the gas from cruising.

If this sounds like a glowing endorsement, it is. The air filter does what it says and even more as far as I'm concerned. CPR likes to push the power and sound side of it and I like how rideable and how easy it makes working on the bike. 
The Dog House
Tune done and again WOW! I can't believe what a difference this filter makes. The 990 has all sorts of power from 3k to redline. Just putting the CPR on made a huge difference in power and the modifications Nels made to the map was another big boost. 
-Chris Vigil RC8
Huge gains everywhere especially where you ride it. Smooth throttle, lots of mid and top and no "Chugging or coughing" out of tight corners. Very happy with the results. 
-Sergey, Russia
"Your intake system is the best on the market for KTM. With your intake system my bike is like a "low flying aircraft" now! 
-Viking @
"Very impressed with the Rottweiler box. Quality build and well priced. I was a bit dubious but there we have it, gives good gains.
1st run with mapping still set from Pod filters 
= 119.85rwbhp/ 74.54 lbft torque
Final run after a few tweaks on the map 
= 125.28rwbhp/ 77.89 lbft torque
-Stephane, France
"Air filter works well, very well, even better than the other aftermarket filter I had before"
-Mick, Australia
My father in law picked the bike up this morning and rang especially to say he would not have believed changing to the Rottweiler Intake System could make such an improvement, smoother on and off the throttle, less popping and farting on the over run and a very noticeable increase in power. The installers said the other filters looked a little more flash, but they are certian that the CPR FAB Rottweiler outperforms the other ones they installed before on other bikes. 
-Louis Jutras
By the way, huge gains with the ‘full’ RAM Air Rottweiler intake installed on the 2012 KTM RC8R. I gained 8 mph on the straight at Fontana with the full RAM Air kit!  

Now fits ALL years Adv 990 or 950's (with included ECU relocator) and fits with the stock airbox!  

Get your ADV 950/990 glove box off in less than 5 seconds!
                                              If you have a Rottweiler Intake filter as well you can have it in your hands in 20 seconds! 

                                                                    "I can't stand that stupid glove box!, 
                                                                    It is such a pain! This will 
                                                                    definitely be added to the list" 
                                                                                                                                                        "What a brilliant looking mod!"
Rottweiler Performance by CPR Fabrications • 1021 W. 18th St. Costa Mesa CA, 92627 Phone 949-412-1971
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-Alessandro Torrisi
​I finally mounted the airbox... and I'm speechless! With the first map I tried it is simply great!
Dont let this happen to your new 1190!!>>
The STOCK air boxes on the 1190 are failing by allowing dirt to enter the intakes and we are working hard on the new intake systems. We will be updating as we go. Please send us an email with phone contact and what parts you are looking for and we will make sure you are the first in line to receive the new intakes when they are complete.