Following Chris Fillmore 3

""FOLLOWING FILLMORE" Episode 3- Riding with friends for Rocco- Rocco Horvath Ride Day at Chuckwalla

Chris Fillmore and Taylor Knapp are currently competing using only Rottweiler Intake Systems

Following Fillmore, episode three, is a heartfelt dedication to Rocco Horvath, a young and spirited racer whose future was sideswiped in a road racing crash back in June of 2012“ leaving him paralyzed.

Jason Pridmore and the STAR Motorcycle School, organized a track day at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway on November 2nd to benefit the 18-year-old racer. All of the proceeds from the day went to Roccos recovery and his family. 

I race for fun, Chris says sobered and straight“ but its a dangerous sport. Honor the courage, the fragility, the tender community of even the most adrenaline-soaked sports and lifestyles
Following Chris Fillmore 2

"FOLLOWING FILLMORE" Episode 2- Hometown Boys do Good- New Teammate Taylor Knapp

Chris Fillmore and Taylor Knapp are currently competing using only Rottweiler Intake Systems
Tye Howard: 3 current wins with Rottweiler Performance

Tye Howard is currently competing using only Rottweiler Intake Systems
Tuning a Rottweiler Installed on a Super Duke. Good sound at 0:12 seconds.

Here is a video of our first tune one our personal Super Duke. The results (and sound) were phenomenal and it has been nothing but success ever since. This completely transformed the bike and made it unbelievable fun to ride again. Like it was totally new.
CPR Rottweiler Intake Test Ride Sound Sample KTM 950R SE

Originally posted by CJ Designs, a Rottweiler Intake Systems dealer (See dealer page), one of CJ's customers made this video to showcase the sound and power our system makes. Thank you fastdirt505!
Rottweiler Intake System Proper Filter To Base Alignment

This is a short video showing the proper technique to attach the Rottweiler Intake Filter to the CPR Fab base plate. KTM Adventure 990, Adventure 950, SE 950, SM, RC8, Super Duke.
Tune done and again WOW! I can't believe what a difference this filter makes. The 990 has all sorts of power from 3k to redline. Just putting the CPR on made a huge difference in power and the modifications Nels made to the map was another big boost. 
-Chris Vigil RC8
Huge gains everywhere especially where you ride it. Smooth throttle, lots of mid and top and no "Chugging or coughing" out of tight corners. Very happy with the results. 
-Sergey, Russia
"Your intake system is the best on the market for KTM. With your intake system my bike is like a "low flying aircraft" now! 
-Viking @
"Very impressed with the Rottweiler box. Quality build and well priced. I was a bit dubious but there we have it, gives good gains.
1st run with mapping still set from Pod filters 
= 119.85rwbhp/ 74.54 lbft torque
Final run after a few tweaks on the map 
= 125.28rwbhp/ 77.89 lbft torque
-Stephane, France
"Air filter works well, very well, even better than the other aftermarket filter I had before"
-Mick, Australia
My father in law picked the bike up this morning and rang especially to say he would not have believed changing to the Rottweiler Intake System could make such an improvement, smoother on and off the throttle, less popping and farting on the over run and a very noticeable increase in power. The installers said the other filters looked a little more flash, but they are certian that the CPR FAB Rottweiler outperforms the other ones they installed before on other bikes. 
-Louis Jutras
By the way, huge gains with the ‘full’ RAM Air Rottweiler intake installed on the 2012 KTM RC8R. I gained 8 mph on the straight at Fontana with the full RAM Air kit!  

The "Snap Rack" (Below)
Another first by Rottweiler Performance. Allows the user to snap on and off the rear rack on the Adventure 950/990 models. Never get stuck with a large rack when you don't want it or snap off your entire pack without taking off any cords, ropes or tie-downs!

     Snap Out 950/990 07-13- 59.95
Snap Out 950 03-06 - 69.95
  5 second glove box removal!
Have your glove box off in one snap.
(Instead of 12 aggravating bolts)

The NEW "Snap Out" Bracket for 03 - 13 KTM Adventures 950/990. Works with the stock air-box.

Have your Rottweiler Intake Filter in your hands in less than 20 seconds! 

"What a brilliant piece of kit!, no more losing those 12 bolts in the skid plate or grass."

"I hate that stupid glove box!, It is such a pain! This will definitely be added to the list"

"What a brilliant looking mod!"

Rottweiler Performance by CPR Fabrications • 1021 W. 18th St. Costa Mesa CA, 92627 Phone 949-412-1971
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Installation tutorial from one of our amazing Customers,Thank You dirtyadv!

"The Trio" Install:

•990 Rottweiler Intake System
•The Dog House
•The Snap Out
•Plus SAS Block Off Plates.

Running "Compadre Trail" outside of Tecate, Baja California with a Rottweiler Exhaust System. 

Not great sound but shows the "Trophy Truck" tones emitted from the X-Pipe configuration dual side out Rottweiler Exhaust.
Adventure 990
RC8 Intake
KTM 990
KTM 990 Intake
KTM SE 990 Intake
KTM Parts
Adventure 950
SAS Block Off
Power Commander
KTM Exhaust
KTM Luggage
KTM Intake air box
KTM Intake Pre Filters
The Dog House
ADV 1190