KTM Airbox
Rottweiler Intake System / Super Moto (R-T) / All Years - 299.00
8 - 12 HP Increase / Free Map Downloads

Born from the need for an induction system that utilizes a multi layer foam element on all sides of the filter including the top, not just the sides, the "Rottweiler Intake System" is the most cost efficient way to substantially increase the horsepower in your KTM big twin.

The bottom line... dyno results. Over and over across the globe independent dyno results from our customers are showing the biggest and most efficient gains at all levels. The results speak for themselves... actually they bark.
Pre Filters / Red 40 cell - Grey 60 cell - 29.00 

The Rottweiler Intake System pre filters are a must for the serious Adventurer and can also make cleaning for any KTM model a snap. Simply swap to a freshly oiled filter cap and your done. (Not for use on the SE or RC8 "Dome" versions)

Choose "RED" for 40 cell standard
Choose "GREY" for 60 cell extra filtering
Power Commander
Power Commander
Power Commander

Power Commander LCD Display - 249.00

The PC LCD display connects to any Power Commander via a "quick disconnect" cable. It is designed to remain on the bike and is weather resistant. While connected, the unit will display all available data from the PCV. When the optional Multi-Function Hub is also installed all of its data is available for viewing as well. 

Power Commander V - 379.00

Powercommander is by far the most popular "Piggyback" tuning module available. Why, most tuners are most familiar with this model and the dynos used are made by the same manufacturer, Dynojet. The PCV is fully upgradable and can be expanded for use with Auto Tune, Quick Shifter, LCD display and more. Simple installation will make powering up your KTM with a Rottweiler Intake System easier than you think.

Note: Installation of maps is quite easy and CPR Fab.com is constantly upgrading their map database by purchasing dynoed maps from our customers. This is the quickest and least expensive method to get you up and running.

Map disclaimer:
All maps are "Use at your own risk" only! Many of these maps were created by our customers and provided only as a tool for the customer/receiver to use at their own discretion. No map is guaranteed to work well as each individual's fueling needs may be different and as such the user must agree to take responsibility for the outcome.

Auto Tune For Twins (2 Wide Band O2's) - 389.00

Don't have a dyno tuning center nearby? Are you more of a D.I.Y. (do it yourself?) type? Are you constantly changing parts on your bike? If your answered "YES" to any of these questions then Auto Tune is for you. the Dynojet Auto tune kit is an "add on" accessory that can be used with any Power Commander V. It connects to the PCV with a single cable and requires only a ground and a +12 volt connection to be made to install. If your exhaust doesn't already have them, two "weld in" O2 bungs are included. This is the kit that will tune your cylinders separately. A must for twins. Single O2 kits are less expensive but will only tune from one cylinder which is not ideal for proper mapping. From personal experience we are big fans of these as they do make very precise maps.mapping
KTM Intake Oiling
No Toil Kits - 26.95

All Rottweiler filter systems are designed to incorporate the use of filter oil in order to maintain filter effectiveness. Failure to use filter oil in conjunction with our filter systems will significantly decrease their effectiveness. CPR Fabrications recommends the use of NO-TOIL Oils for all filter applications. NO-TOIL OIL is water soluble. Maintenance requires only water and a mild detergent cleaner that is included in the kit along with grease for the rim of the filter. 
NO-TOIL OIL can be purchased along with our filter system in the store. 
KTM Intake Pre Filters
KTM Bikes
Tune done and again WOW! I can't believe what a difference this filter makes. The 990 has all sorts of power from 3k to redline. Just putting the CPR on made a huge difference in power and the modifications Nels made to the map was another big boost. 
-Chris Vigil RC8
Huge gains everywhere especially where you ride it. Smooth throttle, lots of mid and top and no "Chugging or coughing" out of tight corners. Very happy with the results. 
-Sergey, Russia
"Your intake system is the best on the market for KTM. With your intake system my bike is like a "low flying aircraft" now! 
-Viking @ SuperDuke.net
"Very impressed with the Rottweiler box. Quality build and well priced. I was a bit dubious but there we have it, gives good gains.
1st run with mapping still set from Pod filters 
= 119.85rwbhp/ 74.54 lbft torque
Final run after a few tweaks on the map 
= 125.28rwbhp/ 77.89 lbft torque
-Stephane, France
"Air filter works well, very well, even better than the other aftermarket filter I had before"
-Mick, Australia
My father in law picked the bike up this morning and rang especially to say he would not have believed changing to the Rottweiler Intake System could make such an improvement, smoother on and off the throttle, less popping and farting on the over run and a very noticeable increase in power. The installers said the other filters looked a little more flash, but they are certian that the CPR FAB Rottweiler outperforms the other ones they installed before on other bikes. 
-Louis Jutras
By the way, huge gains with the ‘full’ RAM Air Rottweiler intake installed on the 2012 KTM RC8R. I gained 8 mph on the straight at Fontana with the full RAM Air kit!  

KTM Airbox
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SAS Block Off Plates - 29.95 
(19.95 if combined with intake purchase - choose option at intake checkout)

Removing the SAS system does 3 things. Dumps over 2 pounds off your bike, cleans up the look of your engine compartment and reduces backfiring. Not to mention get's rid of alot of junk in your trunk. Highly recommended with the addition of our filter system. Our block off plates are free of machining that only add unnecessary expense  and most customers don't want anyway. They have a mat finish in silver.
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