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KTM Bikes
Rottweiler Snap Out

     Snap Out 950/990 07-13- 59.95
Snap Out 950 03-06 - 69.95
  5 second glove box removal!
Have your glove box off in one snap.
(Instead of 12 aggravating bolts)

The NEW "Snap Out" Bracket for 03 - 13 KTM Adventures 950/990. Works with the stock air-box.

Have your Rottweiler Intake Filter in your hands in less than 20 seconds! 

"What a brilliant piece of kit!, no more losing those 12 bolts in the skid plate or grass."

"I hate that stupid glove box!, It is such a pain! This will definitely be added to the list"

"What a brilliant looking mod!"

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KTM Snap Out
KTM Airbox
Rottweiler Performance by CPR Fabrications • 1021 W. 18th St. Costa Mesa CA, 92627 Phone 949-412-1971
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