KTM Airbox
KTM LC8 Air Filter
Benefits of the "Rottweiler" intake system over stock or other aftermarket air filters:

  •   The most cost effective horsepower gains on the market. About 30.00 to 40.00 Dlls per horsepower compared to 100.00 to 200.00 Dlls for an aftermarket exhaust. 
  •   Dramatically reduces the jerky "On / Off" throttle response of the big twin. "Mountain roads and tight traffic become a joy again".
  •   Full multi layer foam element on all sides of the filter including the top, not just the sides, aiding in air velocity optimization and overall filter surface area.
  •   The outer layers of foam provide optimum filtration and load-up capacity while the inner layer is made of special self extinguishing filter foam. Together, they give the best combination for air flow, engine protection and safety.
  •   Specially made super tough Nylon base plate weighs in at 1/2 that of aluminum materials and significantly reduces the transfer of engine heat by reflecting it away rather than absorbing and transferring the heat back into the engine like aluminum based filter units. Intake temperatures measured on a 2008 Super Duke have yet to exceed 50 C (122F) on a typical 32 C (90 F) day ride. 
  •   No tools needed once the fuel tank is removed to change or clean the air filter. 2 quarter turn "D" ring fasteners and it's out in seconds.
  •   Fiber reinforced nylon injection molded frame forms the structure on which the multi layer foam elements are bonded.
  •   Weight reduction of 1.6 KG (3.5 LBS) just by replacing the stock airbox with the "Rottweiler"
  •   Removal of the stock air box frees up an enormous amount of space in front of the filter that can be used for accessory storage like HID ballasts, ignition controllers and such that were previously difficult to package.
  •   Serviceability of the throttle bodies becomes drastically less difficult to tune.
  •   High quality double seal Buna-N "X" rings seal off the throttle bodies completely.
  •   Adds a wicked sound that while docile at cruising, barks with authority when cracked open. Does not hurt the ears at all.
  •   All necessary hardware included. 

Rottweiler filters are multi layer foam bonded to a fiber reinforced frame. They are not removable from the framework. For this reason we offer outer filter skins for the serious off road adventurers. 90% of Adventure owners and 100% of Street LC8 engined owners will be more than fine with the system as is. If you have the need to clean the element every day please order a pre filter with your kit. 40 cell is standard and 60 cell is a denser foam for more protection.
What is required to run the Rottweiler Intake System:
Removal of the SAS system (Or zip tie to your frame with a small K&N filter)
A proper map file downloaded / created for your specific bike (Stock ECU or PC3)

The downsides of running the Rottweiler Intake System:
Losing your passenger upon acceleration
Neighbors complaining about your new dog 

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